Vacay Groceries

When you spend money on gas and a beach house and have been in the car for 14 hours, the last thing you want to do is jump back in the car and buy groceries.

That’s why my dad likes to come prepared. It drives my mom absolutely nuts! Weeks leading up to Spring Break, the front room of our family home becomes the load zone for the family vacay. Paper towels, toilet paper, beach towels, sunscreen, decks of cards, laundry detergent, dish detergent, olive oil, bread, beverages, and snacks.

Having grown up and had a few vacations of my own, I appreciate the experience I had. When you fly somewhere, you can’t haul groceries with you (another advantage of road trips!). Grocery stores near hot vacation spots always jack up the prices and are jam-packed with travelers.

We usually withstand the big rush. The first night we are there we order-out. Wings from Hooters. Then we get to pick at the left overs for lunch the next day… By the time we need food, the rush of grocery-getters are all settled into their places for the week.

My dad likes to claim he has this down to a science. We are all entertained by his tendencies, and in all fairness, he really does.



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  1. I loved reading your slice. I could just picture that load zone. So fun that your dad is the one who gets into this prep time and has this down to a science. I like his plan, too and miss this kind of prep when I fly.

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