That’s a Wrap!

SOLC complete! We are currently packing up the Tahoe to cruise out of Gulf Shores in the morning. My parents said it's the best weather they've had in the past few years. Sunshine every day with a little breeze. I am currently feeling super refreshed! Today also marks the end of my 12 weeks of... Continue Reading →

The Restaurants

Tonight we tried a new restaurant. We've been here 20+ years and we tried a new spot... we looked up a spot on Yelp....Acme Oyster House.  Everyone loved what they ordered- crab cakes, jambalaya, and grilled oysters were a few of the faves for the evening.  Below are some over favortie spots we have had... Continue Reading →

The twelfth week 

 I have never been one that exercises on vacation. I recall two times in my entire life when I had done so consistently. This vacation makes it a third. My entire family has always been more consistent with physical activity all year round.  This week marks the 12th and final week of round 1 BBG.... Continue Reading →

The Bubba House

As I mentioned before, I've being going to Gulf Shores, Alabama with my family for over twenty years. For most of those years, we stayed in the same house and our family friends would stay in the same house, year after year. Sand dollars hunting, sea shell collecting, long walks, sand castle creations, and games... Continue Reading →

Vacay Groceries

When you spend money on gas and a beach house and have been in the car for 14 hours, the last thing you want to do is jump back in the car and buy groceries. That's why my dad likes to come prepared. It drives my mom absolutely nuts! Weeks leading up to Spring Break,... Continue Reading →


We have arrived!   Our road trip was a little different this year. The past few years my parents stop just when they reach Alabama and stay at a hotel for the night. Initially I wasnt really game for this idea, but hey! they are driving so whatever they want I'm cool with. I could... Continue Reading →

The Road Trip

Today begins the road trip to Gulf Shores, fourteen hours in the car to one of the happiest places on Earth. A piece of my heart stays there. I have been traveling Gulf Shores with my family since I was 6 or 7 years old, so over 20 years.   When I was little, I... Continue Reading →

My Treat

For the past 6 weeks on every resistance training day- typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- I have a treat after my workout. An Rx Bar. I have never been real interested in protein bars, mainly because I can't read half the ingredients on the back. However, the Rx Bar consists of 4 - 5 ingredients.... Continue Reading →

Skipping a Workout

Well, last night I "skipped" my workout. I don't know if I'm going to call in skipping a workout or just "rain check".... "rescheduled" maybe? In all honesty, last night I was still terribly sore from rock climbing! Ha! And I neglected to mention after rock climbing my girlfriend and I took at yoga class... Continue Reading →

The Medicine Cabinet

My medicine cabinet has transformed drastically over the past few years, mainly consisting of teas and essential oils with a few back-up meds in case  my go-tos seem to fail me, which they have yet to do. I don't recall the last time I took an Advil or ibuprofen...  My grandmother was never a fan... Continue Reading →

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