The twelfth week 

 I have never been one that exercises on vacation. I recall two times in my entire life when I had done so consistently. This vacation makes it a third. My entire family has always been more consistent with physical activity all year round. 

This week marks the 12th and final week of round 1 BBG. I have to finish.  On Monday I was so excited to do “leg day” in the sand. I dug out an area to create a platform to jump up on. It. Was. Great!! By the time I was done, sand had been pushed down into my hole. So, I was hardly jumping up to anything, and I didn’t care. My body was covered in sand from burpees and sweat. It’s the beach, and I loved every minute of it… ha! I’ve never said that about a BBG workout!

LISS day is everyday in Gulf Shores. Daily walks on the beach is part of the routine. When one person suggests a walk, just about everyone jumps on board. Yesterday, though, I took a walk with just the hubs. So of course it been my favorite walk thus far.

Today is arm day. My legs are tired enough that I’m glad it’s arm day. I’m trying to convince a few of the troups around here to join me. Either way, I’m excited about another workout and making it the last arm day of round 1!!



3 thoughts on “The twelfth week 

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  1. Wow, I admire your dedication! I love how you’ve woven the story of some of the best parts of your vacation into your writing about exercising. I wish I had your motivation!


  2. You’ve done so well! That’s awesome that you are keeping it going on vacation!

    I must say though, your description of being sweaty and covered in sand makes my skin crawl… I hate sand!! But glad you are enjoying it!


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