The Bubba House

As I mentioned before, I’ve being going to Gulf Shores, Alabama with my family for over twenty years. For most of those years, we stayed in the same house and our family friends would stay in the same house, year after year.
Sand dollars hunting, sea shell collecting, long walks, sand castle creations, and games of euchre made up our days. And the bubbas.

“Bubbas” is the name given to any group boys on the  beach that stayed near our house for the week. There are two houses that were commonly rented by groups of guys… aka The Bubba House.
When I was young, taking a picture with the Bubba Boys was a big deal. By the time I was a senior is high school, we were mingling with the Bubba Boys. Intentionally going on walks in the direction to be invited up to socialize.

This year our normal renter has family staying at the house, so we were unable to stay in our normal spot. My mom got online and with some help from my sisters and me, we found a winner. One of my sisters mentioned, “I think that’s a Bubba House.” It had been almost 10 years since that Spring Break and from the pictures it was hard to be certain… When we arrived, my curiosity was confirmed. 

It is the Bubba House. 


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  1. It’s funny how we tag things on our vacations. When growing up we always went to Myrtle Beach over spring break. My mom was a teacher, so we never got to go earlier or stay later. That wasn’t allowed of teachers in those days (you’d be docked pay if you were gone on either side of a school break). So, we always stayed in the same hotel, ate at the same restaurants, visited the same friends at the same campgrounds. You come up with names for things and places, like you did with the Bubba House (so funny). It all is fine while it exists and then you go back and things are different. Your tags don’t apply anymore. I wonder if your stay will be “dfferent” since it at the Bubba House! In any case, have fun!

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