The Restaurants

Tonight we tried a new restaurant. We’ve been here 20+ years and we tried a new spot… we looked up a spot on Yelp….Acme Oyster House. 

Everyone loved what they ordered- crab cakes, jambalaya, and grilled oysters were a few of the faves for the evening. 

Below are some over favortie spots we have had throughout the years… 

Flora-bama – bushwhacker, live music, entertainment 

The gulf- chill scene, good food

Cobalt- patio, music and really good food

The Hangout- live bands 

Island ice cream- sweet treats

Lamberts – fresh rolls, goofy/kid friendly entertainment, kind of expensive meals

Shrimp basket- quick service and family friendly

Big os- cinnamon rolls 

 Bahama Bobs- pineapple burger, walk from the house

Bills by the beach – Bloody Mary meal 


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  1. Oh, just reading the restaurant names and what they offer makes me hungry. I’m ready for the patio, music, and really good food at the Cobalt. Enjoy the remaining time of your spring break vacation.


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