We have arrived!


Our road trip was a little different this year. The past few years my parents stop just when they reach Alabama and stay at a hotel for the night. Initially I wasnt really game for this idea, but hey! they are driving so whatever they want I’m cool with. I could hardly sleep I was so ready to wake up and have my toes in the sand!

It’s first thing I do every time we reach the house. I jump out of the car, shoes still off from the road trip, and dig my toes in the sand. I can already hear the ocean and sea gulls chirping. The smell… we have made it! The stress of everyday life has left me and I will live in absolute tranquility for the next 6 days surrounded by the people I love the most. I am extra giddy to be sharing this sacred place with my love.

He doesn’t quite light up the way I do about this place, and I dont blame him. Secretly my heart hopes he eventually will. I want this to be a place for him and I to take our own family to one day.

Until then, I will soak up every minute of the sun. The ocean is salty and life couldn’t be sweeter.


2 thoughts on “Arrival

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  1. Enjoy every sweet and salty moment at this favorite vacation spot. Hopefully it grows on your husband. I love that image of you digging your toes into the sand.


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