Lock your door or knock first

From taking a rest day on Monday, I'm a day behind schedule. So, today I had a LISS day. It's the only type of day I go to the gym to do. Through my normal routine I drive off from work and head straight there. I scan my membership card and I'm off to the... Continue Reading →


Skipping a Workout

Well, last night I "skipped" my workout. I don't know if I'm going to call in skipping a workout or just "rain check".... "rescheduled" maybe? In all honesty, last night I was still terribly sore from rock climbing! Ha! And I neglected to mention after rock climbing my girlfriend and I took at yoga class... Continue Reading →

The Medicine Cabinet

My medicine cabinet has transformed drastically over the past few years, mainly consisting of teas and essential oils with a few back-up meds in case  my go-tos seem to fail me, which they have yet to do. I don't recall the last time I took an Advil or ibuprofen...  My grandmother was never a fan... Continue Reading →


Who else had a restorative Sunday!?! This weekend was exactly what I needed! Friday was an absolutely chill sesh with the hubs. We ate pizza (which was full of gluten and cheese- two things I don't normally consume) and watched documentaries. We are documentary junkies! Saturday's rock climbing adventure was thrilling. And therapeutic. Afterwards my... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow’s Adventure

Tomorrow I will be rock climbing in the city at Brooklyn Boulders in the West Loop with one of my best friends. Neither one of us have ever attempted rock climbing so it will certainly be interesting! We are taking an "intro" class, which is comforting because I am absolutely clueless. Which for some reason,... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Boulders

Today I went rock climbing in the city! I was scared, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. Before leaving my apartment I went to the bathroom two times... aka- real nervous. Once I made it into the city, I realized I left my gym bag.... (another sign of being nervous) Nothing major tho,... Continue Reading →

Fitness for Free

Well almost free. The BBG Round 1 PDF cost $53, 12 weeks of exercise plans. And thus far, it's the best workout routine money I've ever spent. After I downloaded the PDF, I organized it into a fancy binder with pocket protectors. I love flipping the days away, knowing I did what I needed to... Continue Reading →

The BBG Community

It wasn't what I thought it would be and that's because I didn't think anything of it. I hadn't really considered there would be a group of women I didn't know lifting me up, lifting each other up. Wow, is this powerful and empowering! I have experienced the BBG community virtually through Facebook and Instagram,... Continue Reading →


Modifications to the BGG program keep ┬áthe circuits maintainable for me. Like I said in my first post, before starting BBG I hadn't worked out for over a year and a half. Truly I should have done a 4 week pre-training course that the BBG program offers, but I was ready to get after it... Continue Reading →

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