My Treat

For the past 6 weeks on every resistance training day- typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- I have a treat after my workout. An Rx Bar. I have never been real interested in protein bars, mainly because I can’t read half the ingredients on the back. However, the Rx Bar consists of 4 – 5 ingredients. All of which I can read easily! Egg whites, nuts, fruit (typically dates), and another ingredient that changes with each bar.

I think I read somewhere to eat a protein bar directly following a resistance workout. Besides, there is no way I could even try to eat one beforehand because I would likely throw it up in the middle of my work out…haha! The only flavor I don’t prefer is Mint Chocolate. I like chocolate, and I like mint…. but mint doesn’t sound appeasing right after a workout. I can’t pick an absolute favorite because I like almost all of them. A few of my faves are Maple Sea Salt, Chocolate Sea Salt, Blueberry, and Apple Cinnamon.

Before I workout I set my bar right next to my water bottle. It sits there the whole time, reminding me of the instant gratification I will receive following my hard work.

Always remember to treat yourself!


2 thoughts on “My Treat

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  1. When I read your words: “Always remember to treat yourself,” I reached for my quote book for a favorite quote that is similar. I found it! It’s from Iris Murdoch, “One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.” And it appears that the secret of a successful workout for you is the treat you give yourself at the end.


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