Lock your door or knock first

From taking a rest day on Monday, I’m a day behind schedule. So, today I had a LISS day. It’s the only type of day I go to the gym to do. Through my normal routine I drive off from work and head straight there. I scan my membership card and I’m off to the locker room to change into my workout gear. There are these perfect little rooms to change in. And almost every time I change, I think to myself- it would be nice if while I was changing the lock on the outside could say “in use”…. Anyways, I take off all my jewelry and step into my yoga pants. As I am putting on my sports bra, my door opens up. I completely forgot to lock it! With a slow reaction time, I squealed and crossed my arms across my chest. “Oops! Sorry!” The lady replied. To which I said, “No, no! My fault!” as she begins closing my door. “I should have locked it.” I continue on. As I finish getting dressed I am laughing so hard at myself, knowing this lady is also only one stall over from me now and cans did hotel hear me giggling.

So, remember- lock your door or at least knock first. And either way, don’t forget to laugh!


5 thoughts on “Lock your door or knock first

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  1. LOL! This has happened to me at the Sipley bathrooms several times. Maybe twice with someone walking in on me when I forgot to lock the door and two or three times walking in on someone else. What can you do but laugh?! Glad you were able to keep it light!

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  2. I love the focus on making light of a situation that could have been embarrassing! There was a time in my life when I would have been mortified by the incident, but i, too, have learned that laughing and learning are the best reactions!

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  3. Humor is the answer to so many of life’s situations. I love how you took this awkward moment and laughed at yourself. Probably made it much easier on the lady who surprised you too.

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  4. This made me laugh! At my gym there are no locks anywhere except our lockers. You reminded me of the time when I was drying off after showering and the shower curtain opened. I was startled and just a soft, annoyed, resigned sigh escaped me. Inside I was thinking “Really??!! You couldn’t see that the curtain was closed??” As I later left the shower area I saw her standing at the sinks wrapped in a towel. The evil part of me pictured going up to her, yanking off her towel and saying “Oops! My bad!” Ha ha.

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