Skipping a Workout

Well, last night I “skipped” my workout. I don’t know if I’m going to call in skipping a workout or just “rain check”…. “rescheduled” maybe?

In all honesty, last night I was still terribly sore from rock climbing! Ha! And I neglected to mention after rock climbing my girlfriend and I took at yoga class at the same facility. So,  Saturday was definitely full of extras. Last night I listened to my body, which was telling me “I’m exhausted. I just need a day.” I’ve been feeling slightly sick, and the last thing I want to do is push myself too far and too much. Spring Break is around the corner and I want to spend it feeling healthy, not trying to restore my health….

Today I plan to make up for yesterday’s rest. Even if I don’t, oh well! That’s life. 11 weeks in I think I can miss one day.


6 thoughts on “Skipping a Workout

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  1. I wouldn’t worry at all about missing one workout. You’ve been doing so well, one day is nothing. I wouldn’t even worry about trying to make it up today. You listened to your body and gave it the rest it needed. And tonight it probably doesn’t need a double workout. So I would just resume your normal schedule.

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  2. Bravo for listening to your body and resting when you feel in need of a break. I think Saturday’s rock climbing and yoga definitely put you out in front for a few days. Feel better soon!

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