The Medicine Cabinet

My medicine cabinet has transformed drastically over the past few years, mainly consisting of teas and essential oils with a few back-up meds in case  my go-tos seem to fail me, which they have yet to do. I don’t recall the last time I took an Advil or ibuprofen… 

My grandmother was never a fan of meds and my dad isn’t either. My gram would take something when she really needed to, and my dad is the same way. If I would have known about these teas and essential oils sooner, I definitely would have told her all about them.  I know my dad wouldn’t pick out tea to fix a problem or use essential oils. He just tries to avoid regular meds as much as possible. I give credit to them for the planting the seed in my mind.  

The one tea I have gotten my dad hooked on and believes in it is Throat Coat. I stumbled upon the traditional medicinal tea brand while I was nannying four years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Since then, love for traditional medicinals have expanded: everyday detox, ginger aid, PMS, stress ease, and nighty night are my faves. Throat Coat is by far my favorite; whenever I feel a cold coming on I turn to it.

While nannying I was also  introduced to the world of  EO’s – essential oils. To me, they are also a life changer and part of my medicine cabinet. I like most of them for their aromatherapy use. However, I love using lavender oil on a mosquito bite or sunburn…. Speaking of, spring break is around the corner and I’ll definitely be packing some lavender! Anyways- another game changer I came upon is oregano.  Two friends of mine on different occasions had shared with me in random conversation that they have had trouble removing warts from their feet. I did a quick google search to see which essential oil is recommneded, and I was of course geeked! “Here! Take my oregano oil!” While rolling their eyes and looking at me like I was crazy, they took it. And, it worked. Yes yes- so many uncontrolled variables out there so it’s hard to say if it was the oil or not. But of course in my mind, if most definitely was….

Tonight the prescribed med for the evening is Stress Ease tea. Even though I’ve been working out consistently, I can’t seem to shake the stress of work away. I plan to read a book tonight and drink me tea, hoping to wash away the stress of the day. 


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  1. The geek in me is intrigued… I have a lot of friends who swear by essential oils, but I’ve never known where to start. Thanks for sharing so much about your successes with teas and EOs!

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