Who else had a restorative Sunday!?! This weekend was exactly what I needed!

Friday was an absolutely chill sesh with the hubs. We ate pizza (which was full of gluten and cheese- two things I don’t normally consume) and watched documentaries. We are documentary junkies!

Saturday’s rock climbing adventure was thrilling. And therapeutic. Afterwards my girlfriend and I grabbed coffees and sat on a park bench on Madison St in the West Loop. We just sat and talked about life. She always gets me and I love our time together… I cruised back to the burbs in time for the hubs and I to go to evening church at Harvest Bible Chapel. We followed church up with our weekly grocery shopping. We’ve made a habit of church on Saturdays followed by grocery shopping. I love our simple routines. 

While at the grocery store Charlie invited a few of our friends over. We rarely have friends over and I love it when people come to visit our place… However, I wasn’t expecting company. I dashed home and had an hour to clean house while Charlie made us dinner. We make a great team. One of the best things about living in an apartment is cleaning goes quickly. Only one bathroom, one living space, and a small kitchen. Our friends arrived and it was time to relax with some laughs. We ate nachos and wings, watched a documentary, drank margs, and just chatted. It was perfect.

I woke up this am feeling so refreshed. Church- check. Grocery shopping- check. Cleaning-check! Last but not least it was time to food prep. Char and I make egg casserole every Sunday to enjoy throughout the week…. I also woke up this am extremely sore! Ha! Rock climbing was a serious workout. I relaxed all day and then got dressed up to enjoy dinner and a movie with some girlfriends. 

My weekends revive and restore me. They help give me the energy I need to press on through my work week. I can’t say I’m truly mentally ready for tomorrow, but I’m thankful for my lovely weekend.


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  1. Oh, this sounds like a perfect weekend. We ALL need to take time to do things like this – spend time with friends, do things we enjoy. It really does help us make it through the week and puts us in a good mental space. So glad you had these two days!

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  2. What a wonderful weekend! So glad you had this opportunity to be revived and restored, to spend time with friends, and to take care of things on your list. Here’s to a wonderful week!

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  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! We definitely need to make time in our busy schedules to relax! Hope these few days of restoration and revival carry you through the week! 😀


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