Brooklyn Boulders

Today I went rock climbing in the city! I was scared, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. Before leaving my apartment I went to the bathroom two times… aka- real nervous. Once I made it into the city, I realized I left my gym bag…. (another sign of being nervous) Nothing major tho, just a protein bar, gym lock, and a water bottle. 

Brooklyn Boulders was amazing. It reminded me of BBG. A true sense of community. No one wears head phones at this gym. People talk to other people, helping each other with their approach to each climb.

My girlfriend and I took an intro to climbing class. She and I were the only two scheduled, which made for a lot of one-on-one assistance. The first thing we learned was bouldering. Bouldering is when you aren’t roped in to the climb. Scary, but you are only climbing about 15ft, so it’s not a long way down. The climbs were rated with V’s on a 0 to 5 scale. We only practice V-0s and V-1s. It was awesome. So challenging, both mentally and physically.
I am so glad I tried rock climbing! I know my forearms are going to be quite sore tomorrow, and it was so worth it! 


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