Fitness for Free

Well almost free. The BBG Round 1 PDF cost $53, 12 weeks of exercise plans. And thus far, it’s the best workout routine money I’ve ever spent. After I downloaded the PDF, I organized it into a fancy binder with pocket protectors. I love flipping the days away, knowing I did what I needed to do that day. Might sound silly, but it reminds me of my accomplishments and brings me joy.

About 4 years ago I was seeing a personal training. And yea, for sure that workout routine was amazing… and SUPER DUPER expensive. Not complaining though. It was well worth it and I saw great results. Having someone next to me with a plan and telling me what to do pushed me to my limits. A real life human being in your face holding you accountable. Yes, in BBG there is a plan and a virtual community of support, but no one literally by your side, telling you to do it. No one pushing you… Just your inner-self. And sometimes your inner-self would rather:

  • scroll on instagram for an hour
  • shop on Amazon
  • call your mom
  • eat some chocolate
  • peruse the BBG binder like is Cosmopolitan magazine

Am I right? In my mind I could twist the ideas of the money spent towards my personal trainer and think “I am spending a LOT of money, so I better work hard.” or “I am paying for this session with my PT, so I better not skip it.”

I haven’t skipped a date with myself yet these past 10 weeks. However, going hard all the time is something I am still working on… Far less money and a whole lot more self discipline. BBG, I love what you have done to me.



4 thoughts on “Fitness for Free

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  1. Good for you – 10 weeks is a milestone. I am trying the “PAY FOR THE GYM GUILT TRIP PROGRAM” but seriously, I am often too tired, too hungry, too weary, too busy to make it as often as I should…after the SOL challenge, I m going to do the BODY challenge…I do it every April!

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  2. I love how you printed out your routines and put them in an attractive binder. Just the right kind of focus to remind yourself that this is an important thing that you’re doing! Kudos to you for 10 weeks without missing a single exercise date!

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