The BBG Community

It wasn’t what I thought it would be and that’s because I didn’t think anything of it. I hadn’t really considered there would be a group of women I didn’t know lifting me up, lifting each other up.

Wow, is this powerful and empowering! I have experienced the BBG community virtually through Facebook and Instagram, as well as in person at a BBG meet-up. When you don’t have a workout buddy to go with you to the gym and/or encourage you to complete your workout, you have tons a this kind of support online. Ladies posting every day about dragging their feet, but finally making the choice to get after it, others posting inspirational words, and some sharing their BBG transformation progress… And the meet-ups! LOVED it! I have only attended one meet-up in Chicago since I started in January . A group of women organized a BBG aligned workout. We jammed to the tunes and supported each other through the struggle. Afterwards many of us went to get coffee nearby and chatted like we’d known each other. Just reflecting back on it stirs up all the feels and I can’t wait for another BBG meet-up. I have just never experienced anything like it. It’s so beautiful. It’s how I want the world to revolve all the time, lifting up and empowering each other all the time.

Speaking of a positive and empowering community… All of you! The SLOC participants. Isn’t this community a lovely place? There is nothing that makes my heart happier than encouraging and inspiring others.

I hope you all have had a lovely day. I hope you empowered someone or someone empowered you. Maybe even both!


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  1. So perfect that you found this online community and had the opportunity to meet some of them in person. “Lifting up and empowering each other, . . . encouraging and inspiring others.” What a gift you’ve found in this community. And I agree with you our slicing community does the same thing for our writing lives.

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  2. One thing I’ve learned is that anything I do, from teaching to parenting, is better with a strong group to support me. I’m glad you found that both in Slice of Life and your fitness journey!

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  3. Totally agree about this community. I love writing in here.

    And I know what you mean about having people to support you while you try to transform your body or be healthy. That’s why I love my fitness pal. I have a few friends on there (who I am not friends with in real life) that are always there cheering me on and supporting me when I can’t work out because of too much pain. I’m glad you have that too!

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      1. Yep, it has a newsfeed just like facebook. So your workouts can go up there. You can set it to show when you’ve lost weight and what you’ve eaten too. I mostly just post status updates.

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