Modifications to the BGG program keep  the circuits maintainable for me. Like I said in my first post, before starting BBG I hadn’t worked out for over a year and a half. Truly I should have done a 4 week pre-training course that the BBG program offers, but I was ready to get after it with the rest of the BBG-ers out there that started the 12-week challenge on Jan 9. Because I jumped in quickly, in the back of my mind was always to be cautious and careful to avoid injury… So, I modify. If something doesn’t feel right, I am either doing it wrong or I should just stop doing it.

In the beginning I couldn’t do jump lunges. Instead I did stationary lunges. Now I can do about 10 sets continuously. When it begins to hurt my knees, I take the jumping part out of it. In my mind, modifying helps me get where I want to be in time. Now that I am in week 10, the things I used to modify I can do. However there is a whole new set of exercises I now modify. Step by step and modification after modification I continue to reach my goals.




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  1. “Step by step and modification after modification I continue to reach my goals.” You’re amazing and I love the way you press forward even if it means you have to modify along the way.

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  2. Not only is this a good approach for yourself for fitness, but a fabulous approach to just life itself. When something isn’t working, so many times we think we need to make drastic changes. But often all we need is just a little modification!

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