Friday Feels

Another evening of BBG ahead of me tonight! I dragged my feet all week. I am one day behind, so I will be squeezing in two BBG workouts tonight. LISS (my favorite because walking relaxes me) and abs resistance training. I woke up this morning and peeked at my BBG binder, and I saw the ab circuits for the day. Sometimes this only makes me want to procrastinate even more, but other times I see that the workout ahead of me is doable. Currently, I am feeling like it’s doable so I am excited to get it done… I know I might be thinking something else in the midst of the workout, but by that time I’ll probably already be half-way done.


I was just talking to the hubs about feeling behind and about having lots of things on the to-do list. We both agreed that sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. To sit down and say, “Okay, it’s time to do this.” Going into the weekend, this will be my motto. I have 3 different piles of things I keep meaning to address.  Not timely or difficult, but I keep pushing them off. This weekend will be different. Cheers to a relaxing and productive weekend. TGIF!



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  1. Love this realization in your post: “sometimes the hardest part is just getting started.” I think I’ll let that be my motto too. Several things need to be addressed around my place. Hope your workouts went by quickly!

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