Workout of the Week: Arms

Wednesday calls for another resistance training day. Every week in BBG there are 3 resistance training days: legs, arms, and full body. Today is arms, week 9.

Circuit breakdown:

Circuit 1 consists of 4 different exercises. Each exercise is done for a certain amount of assigned reps (usually between 12-20 reps). My personal goal is to complete all  4 assigned exercises and repeat them within the 7 minutes…. Yea, that definitely didn’t happen on Monday. Within the 7 minutes I was only able to complete the 4 exercises 1 time through… PLENTY of room for growth! I love writing down when I had to modify an exercise and note when I couldn’t complete the exericses 2x through because I know eventually I WILL be able to complete them 2x times through without modifications. From my experience, every 4 weeks the difficulty of the workouts increase. At the end of week 8 I could complete the exercises 2 times through within the 7 minutes. Over the next 4 weeks, I am determined to do the same.

So, after I do circuit 1 for 7 minutes= 30 second break. Then I move on to start ciruit 2. A whole other set of 4 exercises with different assigned reps. Then another 30 second break. Repeat each circuit with a break in between and I am DONE.

While I am working out, I have the BBG PDF printed out and directly in front of me. The PDF shows me step by step of each exercise and displays proper form. I definitely need both. I am constantly looking at it throughout my 7 minutes. By now, my husband knows he can’t even talk to me while I am BBG-ing. I am concentrating too hard. If I get distracted I become absolutely clueless…. Where should my hands be again? How low do I get? How wide are my feet suppose to be? Did I do my other side yet? What number and I on?  15? 25? Crap!


Well, I have procrastinated long enough and it’s time to get my workout in. Here is my workout for tonight:

Circuit 1: drop push-ups, medicine ball squat and press, rasied feet tricep dips, and mountain-climber push-ups

Circuit 2: broad jump burpees, dumbbell squat and press, decline push-ups, and bosu burpees.


Anybody else get their sweat on today?




8 thoughts on “Workout of the Week: Arms

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  1. LOL, I can totally relate with needing to concentrate or I lose count. Whenever I have done physical therapy, they tell me to do X amount of whatever exercise. I start off counting and then my mind slips to something else. Suddenly I realize I’ve been doing it for a while and have no idea I did enough or not enough! So I usually just kind of say….ANNNNND 10! And pretend I know I’m done.

    No sweat on today. Maybe I’ll try to get on the treadmill still?? I’ve had such a hard week physically, it’s been hard to do anything. But I haven’t worked out in weeks! I am hoping to get to zumba tomorrow…but I’ll have to see how I feel.


  2. I’m home with two sick kids, so chasing them around has to count as my exercise for a few days. I had to laugh about the getting distracted–the last time I went to run at the gym I completely lost count of how many laps I was on–so frustrating! I so admire your dedication!

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    1. YES! I look forward to when I have kids of my own and my daily exercise involves chasing my kids around ❤

      Sometimes I hold up fingers as I am doing exercises so I dont forgot how many I have done. I try to make it inconspicuous lol

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      1. There’s good chasing the kids around- LOL, we play the zombie game (Sarah and I came up with that one)…where just chase each other and then…eat each other’s brains, hahahahaha. And then there’s a lot not so good chasing them around- get back here!!! Don’t you run away from me!!



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