My Transformation

My transformation. It has been 8 long weeks of BBG (4 still left). I feel stronger, but visibly I see no difference. None. Okay, maybe the slightest. Yes, I took pictures. And no, I am not sharing them…. yet. Honestly, I had hoped by now I might see more. Although this is the case, I am not discouraged. (Well, maybe a little as I sip on a glass of Pinot Noir with a bowl of Tiramisu Gelato.)

Since I haven’t see the transformation I would like to have seen by now, I know that means I just need to push it even harder these last 4 weeks. So after tonight back to my regular eating habits, as well. Either way, if I have a noticeable transformation or not, I know I will continue the program after my 12 weeks is up. However, I would like to see a noticeable difference in that time frame.

On the other hand, on a physical level I feel great! I know I am stronger. At the beginning of BBG I tested my strength. Yes, I weighed myself, but that number doesn’t tell you much. I look forward to testing myself in 4 weeks to see my physical strength tranformation…. How many push-up can I do in a minute? How long can I hold a plank? How long can I hold a wall sit? How long can I hold a pull-up position (because I can do an actually pull-up… yet.)?

We are transforming all the time. Have you been going through any changes in your life? Transforming over time?



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  1. Well, I have never heard of BBG, but I’m a Crossfitter so I love the fact that you’re working hard to be fit and strong. I get frustrated by the images and messages sent to us women that our body should be beautiful–what about its function? Why can’t we care more about that? I really love how my body has responded to the crazy challenges I’ve thrown at it over the four decades I’ve been alive, and I’m definitely never been this strong and fit before. So stick to your four weeks and see what you can do!

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  2. When I read this, my mind goes straight to teaching and the ways we constantly look for transformations in our students. Even though it isn’t always obvious, there’s almost always growth there to celebrate. I love how you’re focusing on those kinds of transformation, too.

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  3. Oh man, I get this. It is so frustrating when we work so hard and we can’t see the results. I bet there are big changes – YOU just can’t see them. YET.

    I’m sure you’ve got much, much stronger, too. It will be interesting to see.

    P.S. We are more than our bodies. (I have to remind myself of this sometimes.)

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  4. What kind of changes are you hoping to actually see? Are you looking to see more defined muscles? Clothes fitting better? I think your goals of can I do more pushups, etc are a great way of seeing your progress. But I totally get it. You want to SEE progress too.

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