Today I experienced Soul Cycle on Southport in Chicago. It was loud, dark, sweaty, and absolutely AMAZING. 

My friend organized the event and a group of 7 of us went, many of us trying it for the first time. I was excited and extremely nervous. I had heard so much about Soul Cycle over the past few month, all good things. 

Whenever I go to a workout class, I always appreciate an instructor the pushes you. Someone who relates to the breaking point your body might be experiencing, but challenges you to “do one more”. I love it! It’s the reminder I need to keep going and to keep pushing. 

When we went to check in, the previous class was ending. The people from the previous class poured out into the open space, dripping with sweat. I hardly ever sweat and sometimes I assume it must be because I am not pushing myself hard enough… I really don’t like to sweat a whole lot anyways, but I told myself, “I hope I sweat today.” And I did! 

I was still a little sore from Friday’s workout, and usually Sunday’s are my off day. So when I firsr started to pedal, I felt like my legs rejected the idea. A few minutes in I was warmed up and ready to ride. It felt good to get an extra workout in, and it felt great to do it with a group of people I knew.

If I lived in the city, I think I would be addicted to Soul Cycle. The energy. The people. Everyone there to better themselves, as well as better those around them. What a beautiful environment. Full of SOUL and love.


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  1. It’s definitely a different thing to work out with other people. I walk on the treadmill at home quite a bit and it’s okay and I like that I can put on whatever music or tv I want, but there’s something about working out with others who like the same thing that you do. That’s why I love zumba so much! I’ve tried doing it at home and it’s just not the same. You need the energy of the live instructor and the others around you!

    Glad you had an awesome workout!

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