Over the past few years I have continued to practice the importance of getting plenty of rest. Isn’t it the best feeling? Waking up refreshed, ready for the day! 

And yet, sometimes isn’t it the hardest thing to do? As I tucked into bed well after 11:30 last night I asked myself, what did I even do with my evening that led me to go to bed so late. Well, luckily it’s the weekend, so I got to sleep in and made up for lost time.
I currently have a setting on my phone that alerts me 15 minutes prior to my goal time to be in bed. Most of the time I make it in bed by that time, but not always. I guess that’s what makes it a goal… something I’m working towards.

As soon as I started BBG I knew it would be even more important to maintain good sleeping habits. Part of a healthy life full of fitness is rest.  I am surprised and happy to share that during the entire BBG challenge thus far, I have yet to come down with any illness. Yes!! And I credit most of that to getting plenty of rest, as well as eating right. There are 3 major things that I knew would be obstacles between BBG and me: getting sick, getting injured, and finding time…. So far, none of these obstacles have been able to stand in my way. Tonight, I go to bed ready to wake up and face another day of my BBG lifestyle. 

Sweet dreams!


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  1. That’s great that nothing has gotten in your way! I hope it continues to be like that!

    And I know what you mean about what has lead you to stay up so late? The last 2 nights I have had to myself because my husband is out of town. I am sick. I should have gone to bed early. But I stayed up SUPER late both nights because once those kids went to bed, I felt like I needed to make that ME time last as long as I could. Stupid, but true.

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  2. Girl, there is nothing I love more in this world than sleep. You take a very practical look at here, which I appreciate, but I’m just like GIVE ME ALL THE SLEEP.

    Your pillows are beautiful, by the way. Is that, ummm, a giant middle finger? Yaass!

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  3. Sleep is a truly wonderful thing! I’ve been staying up until midnight all week trying to keep up with work and writing, which worked out ok until my kids woke me up at 6:00 this morning. Thanks for the nudge I needed to make myself go to bed early tonight!

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