My #BBG Backstory

Welcome to my fitness journey!

January 9, 2017 I joined a sea of ladies alongside the creator, Kayla Itsines, to begin BBG. What is BBG? Yea- I was clueless too and, it turns out that it’s super effective and popular all around the globe. BBG is the Biking Body Guide,  which consists of 3 strength training days that are only 28 minutes, 3 LISS (low intensity steady state) days for 35-45 minutes, and a rehab/stretch/relax day. I choose to walk at an incline for LISS days. 

I had heard of BBG over a year and a half prior to Jan 9th. But when I had heard it in passing, it didn’t really register to me. At the time I was working out and practicing yoga. So, I felt comfortable with everything I was already doing…

And then a year went by of me not being physically active AT ALL. I got a new teaching job and couldn’t find the balance of work, eating right, sleeping enough, AND a social life. Sadly, the first to go was working out.

This past December (Dec. 22, 2016 to be exact) I left for Hawaii on my honeymoon. Days leading up to my honeymoon, I cried myself to sleep a few times. I was upset with myself for not being/feeling more fit. I had come so far a year and a half ago… Then I let all my hard work and strength training slip. I wanted to look and feel more fit. So, I cried… a lot. Not because I felt/looked overweight, but because I knew I could look and feel better and had looked/felt better not that long ago.  In the back of my mind I also knew I needed to be working out because the hubs and I planned to VERY active HIKING while in Hawaii.  Eventually I did get over this feeling before the honeymoon began and had THE best time of my life. Hawaii ended up being the motivation I needed to jump start an active lifestyle again. 

Once we returned from Hawaii, I was determined to get back into shape and to feel healthy.  I was determined to make physical fitness a priority… And that’s when I stumbled upon the 12-week transformations of thousands of women using BBG. Their stories and transformations motivated and inspired me.

I remember spending hours that night enthralled in BBG. I downloaded Kayla Itsines’ “Sweat” app and was consumed! I read up on the whole program: arms/abs/leg day, LISS day, foam rolling, and a little info on nutrition. (I made nutrition a priority over 3 years ago due to some dietary issues, so I am pretty consistently and disciplined in that department.) While reading up on a few exercises that would take place over the next 12 weeks, I ordered a foam roller, a jump rope, and hand weights. I had started a gym membership the beginning of December, but I had yet to step foot in it… Guilty! Now, I would be dedicated to going to the gym on LISS days.

As I was doing all this research  (around January 3rd-ish), I realized Kayla Itsines was starting a 12-week challenge beginning Jan 9. She would be doing each day of the program alongside all the new BBG-ers, as well as many veteran BBG ladies would be joining in on the challenge too. Um, hello! Could this timing be any more perfect?!? The universe was definitely speaking to me. Telling me: this is your time. And, it was. It was go time!

Stay tuned as I keep you up-to-date with my progress, challenges, and reflections. And if you are super curious and want to follow my progress on my “fitsagram”, follow me @grindingwithgraves_bbg .

Cheers to another day of BBG!






8 thoughts on “My #BBG Backstory

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  1. This is such a great look at your history with this fitness initiative, Brittany. I really appreciate the honesty and openness with which you wrote. Your post reminds me that fitness is never really about just being ‘skinny’. It’s really about our overall health and mental health. I started running last year and it’s so mental for me.

    I’ll for sure follow your journey – can’t wait to read the rest of your stories this month!

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  2. I definitely know how it feels to know you don’t look overweight, but you still feel off or that you could be doing more to be healthy and feel better. You sound really motivated. Go you! 🙂



  3. I’m also off my fitness the past months, and I will look up this BBG and see if it’s something I can do. And looking forward to reading your progress and how you manage. Good luck, and good exercising! (And isn’t Hawaii truly paradise?)

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