7+7+7+7=28 minutes

I believe you can do ANYTHING for 7 minutes. Seven minutes is all it takes to complete a circuit. Then, you get a 30 second break. On to circuit 2. 30 second break. Repeat these steps and you are DONE. 28 minutes is all it takes. This is what had me hooked with the BBG program by Kayla Itsines. I told myself, “There is no excuse great enough to not be able to fit 28 minutes of time for ME, to treat MY body right.” Yes, the seven minute circuits are  CHALLENGING, but  the 30 second break always seems within reach. This helps me EVERY time! With any workout, you get out what you put in… I tell myself this before almost every circuit training day. If I half-ass it, I WILL get half-ass results. Now, that doesn’t mean I do every workout all out. Ha! Definitely not. But, sometimes when I feel like giving up in the middle of a circuit, I say to myself out loud, “You want this!” Yes, I literally say this out loud. Luckily, I am always in the comfort of my cozy little apartment because it would be pretty funny to give myself a pep-talk while working out at my local gym. 

Did you give yourself 28 minutes today?  Maybe not to workout, but anything that was just for you? Meditation? Read a book? Just some quiet time? Tell me about it! 


6 thoughts on “7+7+7+7=28 minutes

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  1. Ditto what Natalie wrote! I just finished a paper and tomorrow’s slice and my kids are finally asleep, so it’s time to spend 28 minutes (or maybe more) on the couch with a good book! I love the idea of 7-minute increments–it makes the thought of doing something difficult or less desirable sound a whole lot easier to tackle.


  2. I gave myself 30 minutes earlier today to comment on blogs. It’s fun and I enjoy doing it, but I need the discipline of an end time. I think I enjoyed it more because I was racing to fit in as much as I could before the timer went off.


  3. I love how you brought this post back to the idea of not just working out, but taking 28 minutes to do anything for yourself. And, my answer is no, not today. But this was a great reminder that I should!

    I’m super interested in what happens during the 7 minutes as well – like, how challenging are we talking?


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